Izmail Grain Elevator

LLC “E.K.O. GROUP” is a port operator in the port of Izmail, located in the south of Odessa region, on the Danube River. LLC “E.K.O. GROUP” is the only complex that has connected port infrastructure, including a loading berth, equipment that provides loading and storage of cargo, safe moorage and maintenance of ships, which corresponds to the term “marine terminal” under the Law of Ukraine dated 17.05.2012 under No. 4709-VI “On Seaports of Ukraine.”

Brief description of the grain elevator capacity:

  • Location and postal address: 68609, Odessa region, Izmail, 4 Portova street.
  • The production area of the enterprise is located on a land plot with a total area of 1.8813 hectares.
  • The terminal is designed for storage and transshipment of cereals, legumes, oilseeds and products of their processing.
  • Type of storage: in reinforced concrete silos.
  • The production capacity of the enterprise consists of two warehouses for storage of goods with a total capacity of 27000 tons, and technological equipment with an estimated maximum capacity for transshipment of grain cargo 350 tons/hour.
  • There is a possibility of separate cargo storage from 25 tons to 1200 tons in one capacity (silo).
  • Transport loading and unloading:
    – automobile – loading – 1000 tons/day, unloading – 3000 tons/day;
    – railway – loading – 1400 tons/day, unloading – 1470 tons/day;
    – river/sea – loading – 4000 tons/day.