Kublich Grain

With the knowledge and expertise that we gained throughout the years building and installing our operation, Region Grain Company AG / RGC GGMBH is well-positioned to promote and recommend storage and handling facilities to farmers in need. We have a full line of silos, augers, elevators, dryers, cleaners and other grain equipment that farmers need to store, handle and enhance their quality.

Our company owns an elevator; its location and postal address: 23814, Vinnytsia region, Teplitsky district, 12 Railway street.

Brief description of the capacity of the elevator:

  • Area of the territory is 15,6 hectares.
  • Number of grain warehouses 18 pieces.
  • Certified warehouses 18 pieces.
  • Passport capacity of the enterprise is 55,5 thousand tons.
  • The number of grain complexes equipped with active grain vectorization – 13 pieces.
  • Number of accepted points from the vehicle – 7 pieces.
  • Reception productivity per day (from road transport) up to 3500 tons.
  • Number of points shipment of grain by rail transport – 7 pieces.
  • Productivity of load of grain on wagons per day up to 25 pieces.
  • Number of mobile points for unloading cars – 2 pieces.
  • Availability of equipment for grain drying – 2 units.
  • Equipment for grain cleaning – 3 units.