Region Grain Company AG / RGC GGMBH

Region Grain Company AG / RGC GGMBH sees its main task to strengthen the position of the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex in the world arena and invites companies that are interested in a mutually beneficial result to cooperate.

Our company aims to double its volume of exports from 2016 till 2020 fiscal year, providing unique complex solutions to our customers and suppliers, with a balanced development of our business segments resulting from efficient use of our asset base, investment in technology and innovation, strategic acquisitions, continuous development of our employees and strengthening of our operations.

Region Grain Company AG / RGC GGMBH is a leader in buying and selling different types of grain to customers around the world. Our customer-first approach allows us to build long-term relationships that are centered around creating value for our customers. Our network of partnerships enables us to be a reliable and consistent partner.

Volume of exports from 2016 till 2020


  • Quality – achieving and maintaining the high quality of our products and services on all stages of our work.
  • Openness and honesty – we conduct our business according to high ethical standards and are ready to give truthful and credible information.
  • Efficiency – we aim at the positive result and the ability to achieve it regularly and enthusiastically, emphasizing the need to do anything possible and impossible for that.
  • Responsibility and initiative – we are ready to assume liabilities and put our promises into practice, to bear responsibility, to try to exploit all our abilities and opportunities to the maximum to fulfill the set objectives.
  • Teamwork – we share common values, demonstrate involvement in the common cause, support other members of the team, and pursue the same aims.
  • Loyalty – we are loyal to the company, ready to work for its sake, protect its interests and support its reputation.