With the knowledge and expertise that we gained throughout the years building and installing our operation, Region Grain Company AG is well positioned to promote and recommend storage and handling facilities to farmers in need. We have a full line of silos, augers, elevators, dryers, cleaners and other grain equipments that farmers need to store, handle and enhance their quality.
Our company owns an elevator located in the Teplitsky district of Vinnitsa region Railway 12.

Brief description of the capacity of the elevator:

  • Area of the territory is 15,6 hectares.
  • Number of grain warehouses 18 pieces.
  • Certified warehouses 18 pieces.
  • Passport capacity of the enterprise is 55,5 thousand tons.
  • The number of grain complexes equipped with active grain vectorization of 13 pieces.
  • Number of accepted points from the vehicle 7 pieces.
  • Reception productivity per day (from road transport) up to 3500 tons.
  • Number of points shipment of grain by rail trans port 7 pieces.
  • Productivity of load of grain on wagons per day up to 25 pieces.
  • Number of mobile points for unloading cars 2 pieces.
  • Availability of equipment for grain drying 2 units.
  • Equipment for grain cleaning 3 units.

The enterprise is located at the railway station Kublych of the Odessa Directorate of Ukrzaliznytsya.

The length of the access road is about 1500 meters and the presence of seven fixed points of loading grain from rail cars, four of which are equipped with 120 tanks vat allows you to ship a single group of cars and driving cars.